Base not saving records in form or query

This last 2 days I have entered records in a form, then did a ‘ctrl s’ to save the said records. Now when I open the same form, the last 2 days records are not there. They are showing in the table ok, but not the query nor form even though the table still has a Primary Key.
I have been entering records int the form for about a month now and that is 30 or so records. Now all at once they are not been saved.
I haven’t changed anything, and always try to close down the form and base the correct way, but sometimes it won’t and have had to ‘Force quit’ base

I don’t understand why you are using Ctl + s to save records when simply using the Navigation bar to advance to a new record will save it or even clicking its Save Record icon.

The fact that the records show in the table means they have been saved. What causes concern is that you, at any time, need use to Force quit. This indicates some type of problem within your Base setup (many times it is a macro problem). Finding what your particular problem actually is would require step by step examination of you Base information.

For the query Select * from TABLE_NAME should give the same record count in both the query and table.

Where you may want to start is create a new simple form which displays the data in the table. This should easily show all the records. From there it is simply expanding upon this new form until the functionality of the form with the problem is duplicated, checking step by step the validity of the data.


I should also add here, the possibility of incorrectly entered data OR the fact the newly entered data does not meet the criteria of the query used to display the data.

After looking or examining the query in both SQL and edit mode, I found what the problem was, and it was user error. In other words I put 03/06/2017 instead of 30/06/2017 Doh!
After correcting that, all the data is now showing, as it would have done if I had not had a touch of dyslexia when typing.

Without having more details it is only possible to speculate.

If your form data source is the query it looks like there is some selection criteria in the query which prevents the new data showing. As you say the new data is being added to the table.

Give details of the table fields and the query you use. You could upload the database here so it can be looked at.

I have found the problem as per my comments below you initial response