Base not showing enough decimal precision for query

Libreoffice Base version: Version: / Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 / HSQLDB

I have two fields “county_population” and “state_population” each formatted as double[DOUBLE]. The third field is a calculated field “county_population” / “state_population”. When I run query, the results show only two decimal places; I would like it to show six decimal places. I’ve tried using CAST as DECIMAL and I’ve tried multiplying “county_population” *1.000000 to no avail. Any ideas?

And multiplying by 1.0000001?


Seems to be a problem and should be report here → Bugzilla

Can get a correct display by right mouse click of column & setting decimal places but need to do each time the query is run. Format is not saved from one run to the next.

It is NOT a problem in displaying on a form: