Base removing comma

I’m trying to set up a mail merge between a Calc and Writer.

In Calc I have a column of numbers (x,xxx.xx) but when I turn the spreadsheet into a database, Base seems to remove the comma and the final number after the decimal if it ends in zero.

So for example what should be 1,234.50 becomes 1234.5 by time it gets to Writer for the mail merge.

How can I get my missing comma and zero back?

Double-click the mail merge field, apply a user-defined number format.

Your spreadsheet has not been converted to a database. Your data are still in the spreadsheet as you will notice when you (re-)move or rename the spreadsheet. The database document does not contain any data. It presents your spreadsheet as if it were a database. It delivers raw data from that pseudo-database to any document that requests data. 1234.5 is the correct decimal value pulled from the sheet and delivered by that pseudo-database to your serial letter. Just apply the desired number format in the serial letter by double-clicking the database field (the grey box in the text document) and choosing the desired fnumber ormat for the correct decimal value.