Base report in linux

Lubuntu 22.04 LO

Same setup in windows, there is a right panel to do expressions, like sum, accumulation function, etc.

Where do I find this in Linux version?

Also the language is wrong, I clicked:

tools - language - for all text - english

Restarted LO, but still shows a foreign language.

Any help appreciated.

The report itself show english just design view doesn’t.

You haven’t installed Report Builder on your Lubuntu system. This is part of the packages downloaded direct from LO, but hasn’t been installed by Ubuntu packed versions.

I would prefer to download the original packages, because packages of different Linux versions will install Report Builder in a different way. If I try to execute a report of Report Builder in LO packed by OpenSUSE here the report fails with many Java problems. Have seen the same in Ubuntu with packages from Ubuntu.


I have got this far after realizing its (the SUM) is done differently in linux

I can get sums for the columns as you can see.

However I cannot figure out how to the the final balance, sum(“deposit”)-sum(“withdraw”). I tried adding it to the sql, but no luck being able to choose a derived field.

For a final balance am I going to have to use sql in a macro?

I got it now, modified the sql directly

SELECT SUM( `withdraw` ), SUM( `deposit` ), `account_name`, SUM( `deposit` ) - SUM( `withdraw` ) `rsbal` FROM `ledge`.`transactions` `transactions` WHERE `account_name` = 'royal_stash'

Thank yo @ Villeroy and @ RobertG

I think all is installed, so showed as solved, I haven’t tried a grouping yet, base is from a snap package. On Lubuntu 22.04, what exactly do I need to do if I uninstall all of LO?

What sudo command to bring in all the correct LO stuff with base?

To anyone landing here, I found the correct answer from this post

All that was needed was to run::

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-report-builder

Now I can add group footer and use accumalation correctly.