Base report missing chart

Using LO Version: (x64)

I am using ReportBuilder with a bar chart in the report footer. Testing report generation within ReportBuilder is fine, chart and text is seen in output. However, when I execute the report via a form button, the chart is invisible (object is there but no content) yet all the text is present. Anyone know what might be wrong?
I have tried relocating the chart to other report sections but same behavior. Also tried changing output format to spreadsheet, same problem.


In testing this, when in design mode I can see a chart. Once saved & exited, no matter how executed (even re-editing) the chart is blank. Using LO v5.4.3.2 on Mint 18.3.

Don’t see this specific bug on Bugzilla but there are quite a few. You should file one based on what you have.

Personally, I don’t generate reports very often. I only use Report Builder to answer forum questions. When I do it is through ‘Jaspersoft Studio Commnuity’. There are a few others I have tried which also work - see my answer here. Only thing with these reports generators is can’t be used with HSQLDB embedded (LO default) databases. All others seem to work fine.

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Thank you for response, and confirming the behavior. I’ll file a bug report shortly.

Here is Bugzilla link: