Base ReportBuilder displays noon as 00:00pm

Using: LibreOffice Version: (& 5.4)

When displaying time field in 12HR format within ReportBuilder, noon is displayed at 00:00PM. Anyone know how to force display as 12:00PM? Any time during noon hour has similar “00” prefix instead of “12”. If I use 24HR format, things are fine but this is not suitable for the application.

(Spoken aside:)
That’s unusual but clearly better. Best would be to abandon the medieval time representations globally and for ever and to exclusively use 24-hour representation as standardised by ISO.
(I don’t know how to heal reason concerning Base in your case.)

I do not disagree, but not everyone is on board with this viewpoint. Gotta please your customers…

@Lupp, have a look: Date and time notation in the United States - Wikipedia
abstract: While most countries use the 24-hour clock, the United States differs in that it uses the 12-hour clock almost exclusively, not only in spoken language, but also in writing, even on timetables, for airline tickets, and computer software. The suffixes “a.m.” and “p.m.” (often represented as AM and PM) are appended universally in written language.

Quoting @Spun69: “I do not disagree…” Well, Canadian Pacific Railroad used 24-hour format since 1886.
Quoting @Spun69: “…but not everyone is on board with this viewpoint. Gotta please your customers.” It’s a beastily shame. However, it’s not always comfortable to live next to the elephant.
@ ebot: Yes, I know. However, I feel free to dislike things as they are. To prevent offense by fans of US-ways (I got some recently) I would like to emphasize that this mostly applies to Germany.

@ ebot again: I’m probably just a fool, and I often am not fond of doing things “as we always did”. Too much bad practice. Kidding a bit I even say “Komm’ am besten um halb zwanzig.” in German. But there are more serious cases, of course.
(I am also not fond of trimming everything the up-to-date-way. BTW: My Japanese motorbike only speaks AM/PM. Another elephant phenomenon?)

Sorry, you are not the measure of all things for me, even if you remain stubborn. Just stay factual, but that seems to be difficult for you.Try to answer the question factually instead of spreading your ISO religion.

Adding my itching here. AM is ante meridiem, i.e. before noon. Therefore noon is either 12:00AM or 00:00PM (problem is: when you’re on the border, you’re on both sides), never 12:00PM which would account for 12 hours after noon, i.e. midnight. Answer by Report builder is thus correct, even if unusual.


Can’t duplicate using LO v6.1.0.3:

Check Field Formatting in Report Builder.

Edit 2018-08-31:

Report Builder generation of report with 12hr times:

Possibly having a problem with input to Report Builder? This is directly from table. Are you generating from a query? My test using a query shows same result.

Base core itself is fine, issue is within ReportBuilder component. I have updated question title to clarify. I have tried to fix this a couple times using field formatting, no luck.

@Spun69 the answer did reflect Report Builder result - upper left portion. For clarity, have added just the Report Builder screens in answer.

Thanks for clarifying. I will look into your suggestions…

Discovered I was using a TO_CHAR format in creating underlying temporary table used for reporting. Removing TO_CHAR resolved issue.