Base reports freezing

Whenever I click on anything in reports the program locks up. I can’t create a new report ort anything.

Any ideas?

Need more detail. From the minimal description, I would guess you are running a very complex query that is not executing very fast. Are you on Linux? Error messages? Does it do the same thing during first use after full restart? Are you using a separate backend? If you start LO from the terminal, do you get error messages in the output?

I have this same problem. I just installed libreoffice for the first time tonight, ran Base, created 4 relatively small tables (But taking a couple hours to learn the app and enter the data), and simply clicking the buttons “Create report in design view” or “Use Wizard to create report” causes the application to freeze. Nothing opens, it just hangs. I’ve given it a couple minutes in case it was just slow, but no.
This is on Win7 x64, LibreOffice

There is a major bugfix for reports coming in LO I would suggest upgrading to either that, or to the most recent LO in the LO 4 branch. If that does not work, consider filing a bug report.

Same here. I have installed LO yesterday night and no problem. This morning the problem started and in my case is freezing inside Report Designer. Anytime I try to select a field or change font color through dialog it freezes for 3/4 minutes. One thing that I did, I think before this problem started, was to preview the report in printer.
No other applications are hang or freeze (Chrome or explorer.exe for example).
Dont know if it helps, but before click and freeze, Windows scans all disks and local net ones (I hear the noise in my SAN).
I will restart and answer later, giving application some hours if it let me work.

Specifications are: W764, 16Gb, i7 3770k