Base reports remove empty lines

i am using the LO v and am trying to generate a report for a food order. My report would look something like…

3 Cheese Pizza

2 Pepperoni Pizza

12 Hot-Dogs

Now, if any one of those orders is at 0, how can I get my report to omit the entire line and move up everything else?

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Use the Conditional Print Expression on the detail line:


(Have given up asking for info - only answer where this does not absolutely apply)


If you have a blank line still appearing it is because the condition is not on the detail line. My Test printing all records:

Now eliminating records where Material ID = 3:

No blank line appears!

Report setting:

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This omits the pizzas at 0 but the other items do not move up. It leaves an empty line

@Ratslinger, gotcha!!