Base - "send control to back" not working

Using LO downloaded from the LO website on Linux Mint 19.3.

When designing a form in Base, I can arrange overlapping controls with “send to back” and “send to front”. But when I use the form, Base ignores all my attempts to arrange the controls and draws the controls in the order it wants them, not where I want them.
How can i send a control to the back?


You can use macro to hide/reveal controls → Hide combobox in starbasic with Macro

Thanks! But that’s not really what I’m after, I don’t want to hide controls, I want them in the back, partially behind other controls.
Thanks anyway!

Could do this to some extent (doesn’t stay if form is left) by setVisible(False) , wait 100 then setVisible(True) using the view of the control.

Arrange → to front seems logical but may not be possible if the form is not in edit mode. Have looked to some on DrawPage but no success thus far.

thanks for your input!