Base Subform With Multiple Lines Per Record

Is it possible to create a subform with multiple lines per record?

image description

This was done in Access. I know LO doesn’t have tab controls. This is just to show what I want to do.

If I create a subform as a data sheet, all fields for one record are on the same line. I would like to create a subform like this one, with two lines per record.


No multi-line records in Base but you can have tabbed dialogs (requires macro coding).

Thank you.


Sorry I did not totally understand your question. By multi-line I imagined multiple (as in 2) records displayed as in your image. Others have asked for this in past. Your need was simply multiple controls. Doesn’t matter which line the controls appear on.

I added subforms below the (always visible) main form, that are controlled via buttons and macros.

For the Annual Info subform shown above, I made one with multiple lines, and added a navigation bar: