Base table control word wrap

Is it possible for the text within a column in a Forms → table control to word wrap (multiple lines)? If not, are there any other options for table-style display with word wrap within LO Base?

Yes, two things. First, in the General tab of the column properties go down to Multiline input and change to Yes. Then when viewing the table with data, drag the line between any two rows to enlarge the space to enable viewing. This enlarged row size will remain until again changed.

Edit: Clarification. While still in Edit mode, toggle design mode off to view table with data, resize the row to liking, then toggle back to Edit mode and save.

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It’s unfortunate that each line in a Base table control can’t have different row heights, auto sized to content, similar to how word wrap works in Calc/Excel. Maybe one row will have a large amount of text that wraps to two or more lines, while the rest are short. In order to show the line with longer content, all the rows have to be expanded, which makes the short lines look dumb with huge, needless space. It’s particularly a weakness if forms are printed, and long lines visually get cut off.

Thanks, that works.