BASE table element drop down list steps

I’m trying to implement a simple employees form with a table element containing drop down lists for the departments. I’ve created a table for employees and another for departments, linked them in the relationships wizard and used the form wizard to create a form with a table element to display the records. I’ve edited the form table column for department to be a drop down but when I use the form the drop down is empty (there’s data in both the tables that should be flowing through). Can someone tell me if I’ve missed a step in the process please?


It is not clear as to why you linked the employee and department tables. The department table is only to be used for the list box for a selection into the employee record.

Need to know how the list is constructed for display of data. Posting a sample of your Base file is probably the easiest way (no personal or confidential information).

You need to define a “subform” for linked tables, set up the relationship between the table in the subform and the one on the main form (assign key field(s) to foreign key), and move the linked control to that subform.

A subform does not need to be visually separated from the main form. It is just an underlying structure definition.

IIRC, the form wizard allows for the creation of one single subform. If you didn’t ask for that at create time, or you need to manage a more complex data structure in your form, use the form navigator. See this help page

@keme amending the SQL code for the column works for me but your answer has helped me understand the use of subforms and the relationship tool, thank you


Attached is a Q&D sample. It has the employee records in a table grid with a list box for the Department selection. In edit mode, look at the properties of the department column on the Data tab. There you will find the SQL used. Note there is no linking between tables.

Sample ---- EmployeeDept.odb


Did not actually list steps to accomplish as there are different methods to creating a list.

@Ratslinger, I was niavely hoping the form wizard would pull data through using the relationships model once i selected the replace with drop down list option. My demo db is actually identical to the one you’ve recreated here… except without the additional SQL, which I now understand… thank you very much for your help with this :slight_smile: