Base: Unable to use wizard to create form (Finish button does nothing)

Platform: Windows 10 1803/LibreOffice 1.8.0_212 x64

I created a Base database that uses an ODBC connection to pull data from a SQL Server 2012 database. This works without any issues (can view table and create queries, and these return data without problems).

The problem is when I use the Use Wizard to Create Form... option. I want the wizard to create a form for me. I use the following steps:

  1. Click Use Wizard to Create Form...
  2. I select my query from the Tables or queries drop-down list
  3. I click >> to add all columns, then click Next >
  4. I don’t need any subforms, so I click Next >
  5. I choose the second option (“Columnar - Labels on Top”) option for the main form arrangement, then click Next >
  6. I select This form is to display all data and select all 3 checkboxes to prevent data modification, then click Next >
  7. Don’t care about style; click Next >
  8. For the form name, enter whatever name, then click Finish

The problem is that when I click Finish, an outline of a frame appears in the form window under the wizard, but the wizard does not dismiss and I cannot work with the form at all. My only option is to click Cancel or dismiss the dialog with the close button (in which case the wizard dismisses, and all changes are discarded).

Has anyone else seen this problem?


After clicking Finish how long did you wait? 5 min; 10 min?

After clicking Finish, the wizard retains focus and no blocking occurs (I can click < Back and Next > buttons, interact with the wizard pages, etc.). But I have left it sitting for at least 30 minutes and nothing happens.

Sorry but have little else to offer. Only asked because there have been other occasions where a long wait must occur (saw this with Oracle connection). I do not use SQL server. Have LO on Linux with Open JDK 11 and have no problems with a variety of other DB’s.

Maybe try resetting user profile → LibreOffice user profile

I discovered what appears to be the cause of this behavior.

The database table uses the SQL Server datetimeoffset data type. The form component does not display this data type properly. When I omit the columns that uses that data type from the form wizard, it completes successfully.

If I create the form and then add a form field with that data type manually, it doesn’t cause an error, but also it does not display properly on the form.

Interestingly, even when I use CAST in the query to return those columns as datetime, the wizard works at that point, but the data in those columns don’t appear properly in the form. (It appears that the field content in the form is the date converted to a localized date/time string and only displays the first 3 characters.)


Thanks for the find. Not having SQL Server I tested similar with PostgreSQL using a TIMESTAMPTZ data type - timestamp with time zone. The Wizard completed and placed the data in a text box. Was able to use CAST to get date and time without a problem and this was correct on a form. Casting as datetime was not enough. Had to do each separately (date & time) but end result was good.

It appears what you have is a bug (Wizard freezing) and you should report → Bugzilla.

Thanks for testing a different database. I filed a bug as you suggested -

I am having the exact same problem with LO Build ID: 1:6.4.2-0ubuntu3

Options>Paths>Temporary files is empty, and cannot be edited.

I just downloaded and installed LO, and in that Options>Paths>Temporary files is set to /tmp, and forms save just fine.