Base: where are written: tbls, queries, forms and reports? file.odb crashed.

I started adventure with LibreOffice Base on Ubuntu 20.04.2 in my small business. I have made some: tables, forms, queries and reports. I already had some data in tables. During I was working with project of report it showed me something like problems with connection. I couldn’t shut down the programme. Finally I did it. Now, file.odb looks like textfile.odb without any data and has 0 kb:
image description
After opening this file it runs libreoffice base window, but without any table, reports etc. It shows errors, which were described in this website/forum:

  1. SQL Status: HY000
    The connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL ‘sdbc:embedded:hsqldb’. /build/libreoffice/parts/libreoffice/build/connectivity/source/commontools/dbexception.cxx:399
    I checked that and it looks fine, but error still exists:

  2. Error: 1000, could not connect with class of driver.

  3. Error: Cound not connect with source of data.

My questions are:

  1. Where are these quries, tables, forms, and project of reports which I made are written? Only in this file.odb which crased, or they are also written in installing files on ubuntu?
  2. If they are in other place, how can I find them- I am not IT specjalist :slight_smile:
  3. Can I maybe repair in some way this errors, and maybe then it will work?
    image description

Thanks for help!


Where items are stored depends upon the database being used. Based upon your post: 1) you did not state this; 2) a guess can be made that this is an HSQLDB embedded database; 3) Image shows JDBC connection which is some other type of database and is external.

The Base file is a container for items. You can rename & change extension to .zip and extract files. It will contain forms and reports for any connection type used. Formats are not recognizable by casual user. Further knowledge (beyond this post) is needed. Tables (data) and queries many be in this container if embedded database is used but may be external if a database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL or one of many other external DB’s were used.

Your question states the resulting Base file you have is 0 kb. I created a minimal Base file and it is larger than 0. Don’t know how you could open if it were 0. No doubt there is some problem with the file. This is where a backup is helpful. If you have not done this previously, you may have lost all work. There is nothing certain that what you have can be recovered and how you may do this is again beyond this post. If you want, you can post a copy of the file (edit your question and post there) and can examine to see if anything possible. Hopefully there is no confidential/personal information potentially in that file.