Base Which is best when setting a Date column default, the GUI or query? If query, how do I construct it?

I’m trying to set two Date columns in one table with Default values. When using the Table Design View GUI, I enter the default values I want and save the changes then save the database. When I edit the table and click on the DATE “Field Types” I do not see the values I previously set. If I click back and forth between the two fields, the DEFAULT values change on each click. I have no confidence they are being set to the values I want.


To try and see what the two column DEFAULT Date values were and I don’t see a column that I interpret as to what would be the DEFAULT.

Am I way out in left field? Is this something I shouldn’t worry about but just trust the GUI?

If there is a way to set then view what the DEFAULT Date values are with queries, would someone offer suggestion(s) on what query to use, please?

I’m using default HSQLDB.

Thank you in advance!


Using your query for the schema, the default value is in the column titled COLUMN_DEF.

For information on default values in tables see the following:


Automatic Date Input Base

Macro for default date equal Today

@Ratslinger - I guess I wasn’t way out in La La Land after all. Thank you for the feedback and the additional reading material. Even though nobody has posted an update in the bug report after the QA team requested it in November of last year, I’d say the problem still exists, FWIW.

For me, (SIGH) I’m not going to let the lack of a Default date for the columns bother me, but move forward with my project update.

I really appreciate the informational links!

An item remains open until someone submits a fix, it is confirmed and the item marked as solved. It will also then shoe the LO version where the fix is first applied.

If you read the links (there are more around), even with the open problems defaults can still be set. It is just a bit more difficult.