Base with mySQL: creating parameterised query

Newbie alert! I have a database running in mySQL with a Base front end. Is it possible to create a query with a pop-up dialog box (I think this is called a parametrised query)?

So if I want to create a query to search for a name within a contact list, I get a pop-up dialog box asking to enter a name (eg ‘Smith’) or part of a name (eg mit). I can get it to work correctly in a simple local database, but not the mySQL database.

Can anyone help me out?


On my end, queries perform same way with MySQL MariaDB back end. Add constraint :constraint and execute, receive popup and then rowset that uses custom constraint. Can you provide more detail, text of query you are using?

FYI, the ‘my’ part in ‘mySQL’ is a female name, My. The software is named after the daughter of one of the creators, so ‘mySQL’ is wrong.

I’m having difficulty with parameter queries as well. Dd you ever find a solution, Richie? If so, please share it with us.

Works for me with MySQL, (served by MariaDB 10.1, and connected with JDBC). Put this in your query:

image description

And when you run it it shows this:

image description

Debian Jessie 8.6. LibreOffice