Base Writer Mailmerge Issue

LO Win 10 Hsql2.51


Putting together a mail merge from a query to a writer document which works okay, however I am a little puzzled about Writer telling me there are 17 pages whereas the document actually only contains 9 address headers and so does the query.
So the number of records match but am at a loss where the 17 pages come from and what the (p1) means. Have to admit not familiar with writer.

Is this normal or a bug ?
Thank you

Sounds as if it is your formatting. Look what is on each of the pages. Can’t see you results but seems like the original design overflowed to a second page when the merged information appeared. I believe the p. 1 means page 1 - multiple pages for each merged document. Again back to formatting.

@Ratslinger , thanks for the quick response. I have applied no format at all, just opened a blank file, nominated the datasource and pulled down the field headers to create an address block.
Also weird if I want to edit the document by inserting a space between a couple of fields I end up crashing. Only resolve is to recreate the doc

Have nothing further right now. Do not recall at this time having had that issue.


Just did quick test with three records. All is OK unless I save all as one document. Then the three pages registers as 5 but only seems to print as three. Possible a bug although on my system it actually shows (lower left on status bar):

Page 1 of 5 (Page 1 of 3 to print)

This on Ubuntu 20.04.2 with LO v from TDF

Yes the merge is generated into a single document. I can live with that issue. But alas, after running the merge, closing the db and restarting, the db is no longer registered. Is there a way of re registering the db if not registered, sort of conditional register ?

If your DB is no longer registered, I have not sen this happen simply by doing a mail merge. Something else may cause this such as moving the Base file.

You can add/delete/modify Base registrations. From menu Tools->Options. Then under LibreOffice Base->Databases on the right are the registered databases with buttons to make changes.

Thank you @Ratslinger