BaseDocumenter error

I am trying to use the BaseDocumenter extension. When it runs I get the following error:

BASIC runtime error.
Argument is not optional.

It is getting upset at line 230

If psTargetPage = kTableData Then
					vElement = _BD_ATag(vElement, sTargetPage, lTargetIndex, _BD_GetLabel("DATASAMPLE"))
					vElement = _BD_ATag(vElement, sTargetPage, lTargetIndex)
				End If

If there is better place to post extension issues, also please advise.

This extension’s author (Jean-Pierre Ledure) is also the author of Access2Base, which is part of LibreOffice package. Thus, for this specific problem, you may file a bug report, and add Jean-Pierre to CC there.

You are starting the wrong routine. Follow the instructions given here: BaseDocumenter - A documenter tool for LibreOffice Base applications

Thanks, I’ve been through that a couple of times. The BaseDocumenter base file is open and the output folder exists and is defined in the options. It falls over at the same line each time.

@MyGrove : Which database do you use? Haven’t tested current LO-Version, but in the past BaseDocumenter won’t run well with Firebird, would only run with HSQLDB.

At least I am on HSQL. It seems to populate its two database tables but fails during the creation of the html pages. A few do get created before it crashes.

I logged a Bug which has been confirmed.

The bug comments now describe a short-term manual fix to the extension code.