Basic loadComponentFromURL

My version of LibreOffice is

My operating system is OSX 10.11.3

I have written a Basic macro in a Calc spreadsheet to retrieve mutual fund history from yahoo finance.

This is the macro.

Sub Main
&nbsp&nbsp get_history "VWIAX"
End Sub

Sub get_history(ticker as String)

&nbsp&nbsp Dim Url as String

&nbsp&nbsp Dim oDoc as Object

&nbsp&nbsp Dim oArg(0) As New

&nbsp&nbsp Url = “” & ticker & “&g=m&ignore=.csv”

&nbsp&nbsp Print Url

&nbsp&nbsp oArg(0).Name = “FilterOptions”

&nbsp&nbsp oArg(0).Value = “44”

&nbsp&nbsp oDoc = starDeskTop.loadComponentFromURL(Url, “_blank”, 0, oArg)

End Sub


The last step "starDeskTop.loadComponentFromURL(..." hangs on some ticker symbols but not others.
Some tickers which hang are VGSLX, FCNTX and VWIAX.
Some tickers which do not hang are FGMNX, FPURX

IMHO, that such a request is more correct

Url = "" + ticker + "&c=2001&f=2016&g=m&ignore=.csv"

(If you want “months” g=m, then you need to specify the start and end year)