Basic Macro Recording for Charts

I am trying to use a macro to format an x-y scatter plot. The formatting is always very similar for each graph so if I could record my format with a macro once it would make life a lot easier. I know some basics about macros and can format a spread sheet fairly easily. My problem arises when I try to format a graph. The macro recorder will stop and when I run the macro it will create the graph with no formatting changes. How/ can I record a macro to format my chart in the chart edit mode?

Hi Anonymous,

It’s possible that the macro recorder doesn’t have any support for this type of interaction. Please take a look at the limitations described here:

Although the Macro Recorder may not be able to record the steps necessary to format a chart, it might still be possible to write such a macro manually.

An alternative may be to copy the chart and set the data ranges of the new chart to the new data, see Set default formatting for Calc charts