Basic report - print repeated value on group change doesn't appear to be working

Hello. Very basic database to maintain a church directory. I have a simple report that groups by families. I have the “Print repeated values” set to “No” on the last name but also have “Print repeated value on group change” set to “yes”. The report is grouping properly and splitting families properly but when the same last name is encountered it doesn’t print the name again. So, for example last name “Jones” is printed once for each person in the John Jones family. The Sam jones family is the next group. it’s broken down properly and shows the correct family members in the group but it doesn’t print the last name since it’s the same. It appears to be working correctly in every other way. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong on that setup?


Appears this is a reported bug and has been untouched in quite some time - tdf#103387

same here T_T

I did report this bug again

Duplicate bug reports will get closed. Commenting on original bug provides more support that others are looking for a solution.