BASIC runtime error. '423' Connections

Hi, I have a MS Excel file with macros. There is a button that refreshes to get current data from a website’s API.
When I click on the button, the 421 Error appears and points me to this line:

ActiveWorkbook.Connections(“Query - page1”).Refresh

What should I do now? There have been questions about 423, but not specifically this one.
I would be grateful for some help or hints. I am not a programmer, but will give it a try.

More, if this could help:

If Range(“C2”) < 1501 Then

ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page1").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page2").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page3").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page4").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page5").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - page6").Refresh
ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - exchange_rates").Refresh


If Range(“C2”) < 1751 Then

Excel macros cannot be used with LO. Period. There is also almost no point at which VBA touches LO-Basic. You need to give your mind clean, unused ground & to begin building new from scratch.