Batch Convert PPT to HTML on Mac

I am wanting to take all the PPT files in a folder on my mac, and convert them in one batch to HTML, but I have no idea how to do this. Can someone help me on this?

I think this question is running on SO too? Did you notice another Q&A on PPT to HTML? Looks like it might hold some possibilities. You might be better off asking this at another SE site: Software Recommendations. If you do, make sure you ask the question well or it will get closed!

Sorry, I assumed you could understand English and figure out what the question was based off of the title and the words.

@TBrass84 - Comment boxes can be a poor medium for communication, but I’m not sure what accounts for (what reads like) gratuitious sarcasm there. I offered you one SO link that contains some helpful suggestions, and a pointer to SoftwareRecs.SE where they have a very particular “house style” for posing questions, thus the friendly health warning. I’m not sure where English comprehension comes into it. What remains unclear from your question is what LibO has to do with it.

Refer the answers here and here.