Begin line numbering style with 1.1 and not 1.

Is it possible to start a list numbering with 1.1 and not 1.?
I can manually denote 1 to 1.1 but I’d like an automatic way to do this.

Hello @liber1,

i don’t think that’s possible to do in the GUI, tho it could probably be done by macro.
Perhaps the easiest workaround in the GUI would be to just add the string “1.” in the “Separator Before“ field for levels 1-10 ( in the menu “ Format : Bullets and Numbering : Options ” ). Then for main level 2 in your list you’d need to define a new Bullets and Numbering Style where “Separator Before” = “2.”, and so on.

What are the components of your 1.1 notation? Is the first 1. the chapter number or an indication of a level 2 list?

I am also looking for this kind of solution. Has anyone written a macro for it yet?


1. This is a level one bullet
1.1 This a level two bullet
2. This is a level one bullet
2.1 This is a level two bullet
2.2 This is a level two bullet
2.2.1 This is a level three bullet

-----------End of Example-----------

Like this with line breaks and formatting of course.

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I found the answer. I know this is closed. But I figured I could post here.

Go to Bullets and Numbering > More Numbering > Outline

You’ll find the option there.

Well, no wonder: this is the default numeric list structure.

The initial question was about starting automatically at level 2.