Beginner's Steps

I am a complete newby and I would like to reference the following:

  • Open a new workbook from a workbook template
  • Rename the workbook by saving it to a different local filepath

Are there BASIC code snippets already available for these? Better question, where is the documentation for the BASIC Library?

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Delete the duplicate at 294333/beginners-steps. It doesn’t increase your chances of getting an answer but it creates confusion.

Manual procedure:

  • new document based on a template: File>New>Template

  • new name for current document:

    • save and continue on new document: File>Save as
    • save and continue on current document: File>Save a Copy

Template-based documents are advanced use of Writer. If you’re completely new to LO, download and read the Writer Guide.

Driving LO with BASIC macros is even more advanced usage. Unless you have a good reason for it (which you didn’t explain), begin with discovering Writer features by using them in the traditional way (“manually”). Writer is not M$ Word. It differs notably from it. You must understand these differences and master Writer features before trying macros.

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