Behavior change in autoinput

I just changed from 7.2.7 to 7.3.5 and I noticed a change in the behavior of autoinput.
In my table I usually just type one letter and then it replaces that with a value from the table above.
In 7.3.5 that works fine, if there is only ONE possibility for values starting with that letter.
If there are more, the old version offered the first value it encountered in the table above and if that wasn’t the one I needed, I simply had to type the second letter as well.
The new one simply doesn’t do anything. Only when I type the second letter, that then points to only one value in the table above, will it replace my input with the desired value.
Since this happens for the value that makes up about 60 % of the fields, this is not exactly helpful.
Normally I type, then looking up and realising that autoinput didn’t work in this new version with some cursing I have to go back to the empty cell and type 2 letters to get what in the old version was already done and dusted long ago.
Is there any way to influence that behavior in the options???
Otherwise I think I will go back to 7.2.7

Bug reported as id=150644
Behavior is not as it should be. No list to select from is shown so cell is only filled when there is only one possible result left.

  • Bash like autocompletion for Calc autoinput was implemented. tdf#145198 (Dennis Francis, Collabora)

Consider an example of the following data in a column:


When user types A, it will show the partial suggestion BCD.

User can accept the suggestion with the right arrow key and then the cursor will be placed after the letter D, waiting for more input. User can choose to not accept the suggestion either by typing more or by ending the edit mode by pressing Esc key.

If the user accepts the suggestion BCD by right arrow key, and types 1, it will show a partial suggestion of 23. User can accept this by pressing the right arrow key.

If the user accepts the suggestion in the 3rd step and types x it will show the final suggestion yz. Again user can choose to accept or decline the suggestion as mentioned in the 1st step.

2.1 General improvements

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Well, by now I have filed a bug report because that is NOT what is happening.
I have no way of simply selecting the first entry of a list because there isn’t any list to begin with.
So I have to type the second letter. Right arrow as described here, does NOT work since there is no list to chose from.
Oh and I am not certain yet whether I will see that as an improvement. I need to see the working example first.

Well, by now I have filed a bug report…

Please post the link from the bug here.
format: tdf#nnnnnn (use only the number, not the link)
To do this, edit your initial question. Thank you.

According to OP’s last edit, it is tdf#150644.

If you need a listbox UI, you can use <alt><down> and select from there. And with resulting lb open, it will advance cursor in response to a keyboard letter entry, then cursor to select specific value and <enter> to complete.

But it is a little cumbersome for a large sheet. tdf#133494 is open to enhance the listbox for repeating input of cell data from current column.