Best way to "bump" a question?

What is the best way to “bump”/bring fresh attention to an old question?
Some of my questions (I believe I have the most out of any User here) get replies, but sometimes they are not quite on point, so I respond to them in a comment requesting more info/help, and these comments sometimes get overlooked. Thus I’d like to bring fresh sets of eyes to them.
Perhaps simply renaming the question would be a good way to go about this?
I could just delete the old question then post a new iteration, however this would destroy all the effort/info others have already put into the original.

I don’t want to repost about the same topic again as this will clog the website up with multiples of the same question- a problem which already arises, and one which I don’t want to add to if I can avoid it.


Have you tried to edit your question by adding more infos or changing the way you wrote a sentence? Editing your question should do the trick and bump up your question back (do not check the “minor edit (don’t send alerts)” check box). If you do not got answers, usually it is because of lack of informations and adding infos should also bump naturally your question.

Interesting piece of info:

Renaming a question actually re-directs to the same question as previously posted (not a new link at all). So, as an example, here is this question that this comment refers to (Q219988):

what is the best-way-to-get-lots-of-attention?

As mentioned in the comment by @ProLogic, you must edit your question.

When the purpose of this edit is only to bring back the question at top of the list, I’d recommend adding something like the following at bottom:

 EDIT <<date is ISO format YYYY-MM-DD>>
 This is a refresh of the question because no definite answer was received within xx months.

so that contributors would know why an old question suddenly pops up.

Remember that those who already provided comments or answers will automatically get notified of the refresh (though the feature seems to suffer some erratic behaviour presently – December 2019).

so I respond to them in a comment requesting more info/help, and these comments sometimes get overlooked

… and please add the additional information that you possibly added when asked for more info/help (it could be that you could refine what specifically you needed to know, and what was not quite clear in your original question). Any answer could allow you to understand how to make your question better - and good question is the key to a good answer.