Better and consistent style management

I love LibreOffice for using styles in all components, especially in impress (much better thn powerpoint).

However I sense that some styles cannot be management properly. When creating cascading styles in impress, some options (such as kerning, list ad bullet styles) cannot be managed from the integrated menus. Sometimes even settings “seem to appear out of nowhere” in the organizer such as “offset line”.

My question: wouldn’t it be great if all formatting options (per component) would be manageable via the style management tools in the GUI? The ones I personally miss the most would be list and bullet styles in impress and draw (should behave as in writer), all available options (such as format-character-position) also via the GUI. I am sure there would be more examples, so please extend as necessary.

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Indeed, it seems as though the UI does not cover the full set of style properties that are defined in the ODF spec. Specifically, what is this “format-character-position” you speak of?

@Jorendc – Want to chime-in here?

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