Better name handling in template manager

Storing own documents as templates is a good way too work fast for re-occuring office-tasks.

However, the presentation of the names is not always clear or good enough. Yes, the template manager shows thumbnails, but this is the first page. What when the first page is the same? And long names are trimmed to a certain amount of characters.

With a lot of similar looking templates & long filenames where the difference is in the end (like somelongname-daily, somelongname-external) it is difficult to see which one you nee


Show the whole Title OR add a field where you can enter a description and shown this field when it’s filled (in this way, title stays as it is, but ‘field description’ or something like this is used when filled.

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You might find it better to arrange your templates into folders instead of using long names. Then you could have a folder called somelongname, and inside that folder have templates for daily, external etc.

Excellent idea, however: Arranging Templates in folders worked in 5.1 however, that was changed (bug or intentional?) in 5.2. Now all the templates are displayed as if “All Categories” is a default view. Or is there a setting somewhere to display in Categories (and I am referring to the Templates not the managing of templates).

I’m using Maybe I’m looking in the wrong dialog, but from File, Templates I see three options. “Open Template…” gives a windows file browser that shows folders. “Save As Template…” allows you to select category. “Manage Templates” gives a search option and also a drop down list to select the category.

I was going from the Start Centre, Templates Button.I like to pick my templates from that display in the start centre rather than the “Manage Templates”. And when in the start centre, File, Templates does not exist (conveniently removed by default?). It is present with an open/blank document. To be clear, definitely organize the templates into folders. I was adding the extra information as a caveat. It will depend on how the user access their templates.

I just noticed this as I was working on the comment above.

This is in version Under File, Properties, Description Tab, Edit the Title field in your .ott template file and this field is displayed when clicking on the Template Menu from LibreOffice Start Centre. A tool tip pops up showing the entire field which is helpful if the name is long.

A new feature in 5.2 I see in comparing to 5.1, one can right click on the template (in the start centre) and either Open or Edit the template.

In 5.1.4, the tool tips are not popping up and the description is truncated.

However, in 5.2 the Templates are not broken down into the different categories/folders. Maybe that’s just my machine.