bibliography entry field

  • LibreOffice writer V - English
  • Win7 x64

I have seen many field on bib’s database. I don’t know the use of each field and what to fill on them. The example data only shows for book entry. I want explanation for each field and example entry for every type (article, book, journal, wwwdoc, etc).

Where I can get this explanation or maybe example?

Hi - ISO/DIS 690-2 (1995) defines the essential elements of the bibliographic description and order of presentation.


Unfortunately, that is not what i’m looking for.
I’m looking for example database, for each publication types, or help of libreoffice (or openoffice)

The official help is like manual, only of how to enter the data, enter the index, etc. Not explain the use of each field. Some of that field is not self explained

For example : wwwdoc need accessed date to be included. Where I should I put this ?

Now I know that I can use any field other than type and short name. It than depends on how you put in the bibliography table.

I know of no field-by-field guide for recording details according to Type (for a given style guide). Given that the provided bibliography database is quite limited[1], there may be no such document. Electronic publications requiring the fields demanded by the larger style guides (as indicated) likely need to make use of the User defined fields.

[1] Bugs tdf#61426 and tdf#68123 are indicative of these limitations.