Big problem with LibreOffice 6.2.4 and Windows' high contrast

First of all I had no problem with Libreoffice 5.4.x using high contrast on my Windows.
I use Windows 7.

The problem is that I updated to Libreoffice 6.2.4 (latest when writing this question) and seems like LO is not behaving properly with the black high contrast setting on my Windows

On windows 7, toolbar icons’ images are quite dark grey and background is black so the contrast is really bad.
On Windows 10 (at least mine) the interface and the document itself is all white text over white background, including the menus so can see nothing.
I noticed that LibreOffice has the option to detect the systems’ colors.

I had to go back to LibreOffice 5.4 because of this which is a shame.

I think this might be a bug. I don’t understand why in previous versions I had really no problem and buttons and all itnerface was white over black background, and now everything has gone really bad in terms of contrast.

I hope someone in the developer team notices this.

If you think something is a bug, then you are at the wrong place - Go to to file bugs.

But before you do so, you might give the icon styles “Breeze (dark)” or “Sifr(dark)” a chance, which are specifically designed for use with dark themes of your OS / Desktop / Windows Manager. To try out have a look at Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> View -> Category: User Interface -> Option: Icon Style

@anon73440385 Still, those extra steps shouldn’t have to be taken as in Libreoffice 5.4 I didnt have to do extra things and all was automatic. Ease should be part of accesibility, now putting extra steps is like putting some barriers for a lot of people.

If you have an enhancement request, then please file it also to Some developers may read this Q&A site but in general won’t take actions on requests / complaints here.

@anon73440385 Ok. I’ll ask there then. Thanks.