Bilingual type causes unwanted line spacing how to get around it?

i am typing Persian-English article, however whenever i am writing English together with Persian or citing a reference using [] and a number, line spacing changes and i don’t know how to get around it, please look at the pic below to have a sense of what’s going on:

do you know of any work around?
thank you

I’d guess that the Persian and English use different fonts, which might have different metrics… can you test with a font that has both character sets; or possibly just set the font for Western languages to the same used for Persian (if the characters are there)? (This is just a blind guess; no actual expertise in CTL, so might be totally irrelevant.)

This is caused by the “height” and line-spacing of the two fonts being of different values.

You need to set the Line Spacing of your paragraphs to a Fixed value:


It is up to you how you do this. I think you have two choices: (1) this is most easily done by doing CTRL-A to select ALL the text, and then do Format > Paragraph… to set the value (easy, but has limitations), OR (2) change the style-definition for these paragraphs via Styles > Manage Styles, then edit the values of the relevant paragraph definitions (a little more work, but more “secure”).

Applying a FIXED line-spacing for your paragraphs by either one of those methods will get you consistent line spacing with mixed font-heights.

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This should be easier and more robust than my suggestion :slight_smile:

thank you Mike and David, either of your solutions works

thank you mike and david, either of your solutions works, this is the screenshot after editing default style and setting linespacing to fixed