Binding the highlight function

Hi all,
is there anyway to add the highlight function as a keybinding. I know that there is but when I bind it to for example CTRL Shift H, it doesn’t actually highlight any text when I select it but only removes any highlights from previously highlighted text. Even when I select a specific colour it still only removes it. Is there any way around that or is this a missing feature. It does inconvenience me quite a bit to always have to use the mouse and go all the way up to the tool bar to highlight something and then go back down again to select the next passage I want to highlight. Thanks in advance!

Customizing keyboard shortcuts is done with Tools>Customize, Keyboard tab.

Highlight color is in Format Category.

However, this is not the recommended Writer-way of doing it unless it is a temporary review process. If you text is supposed to be permanently highlighted, define a user character style with the required properties. A character style may also be assigned to a keyboard shortcut and you can make this shortcut “toggling”: use once to apply, use a second time to remove.

Read the Writer Guide for introduction to styles and experiment a bit.

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