Bitwise shifts not implemented in LO Basic?

This is the second question I’ve got here; in short, trying to transfer a code segment from C++ to LibreOffice Basic, and some functions and features seem to be not implemented.

For this particular question: while there are bitwise shift functions for Calc (BITLSHIFT, BITRSHIFT), there’s no such function or operand in LO Basic.

Obviously, what I mean are the C/C++ operators << and >> as in:

a = b << c;     //left shift
d = e >> f;     //right shift

Could someone please let me know if I’ve overlooked something, or if it’s indeed missing? Also, since I’m rather new here, is there any place I can file a “bug” report so that it’s considered for future implementation?

Bugs and enhancement requests should be made at LIbreOffice Bugzilla. Please search first to avoid creating duplicates.

On page 72 In the book OOME from Andrew Pitonyak’s site, is mentioned a workaround for shift by checking the sign and using divide by 2.

You could also call the worksheet functions from basic, see page 525 chapter 15.10 in the book.

Great help that book you linked, thanks a lot!
I have written my own left/right signed/unsigned shift functions, having no other alternative, for now. I’d make my own DLL with functions too, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble.
Still living in hope that the powers that be add this functionality in the future.
Thanks a lot for the answer!

For anyone ending up here and wondering if the feature was indeed requested on the bug tracker, @skagon has created this feature request: