Black Screen While Using Libre Calc.

Hello guys,

I’ve been using LO since LO 5 never faced such a problem.
Recently while using Calc my screen goes black whenever I use some options which pops up a window. If I press alt+tab or windows key on my keyboard the screen appears but as soon as I go back to LO the screen goes back to black.
Its the same in safe mode.

My LO version is Version: (x64)

My Windows version is 10 Pro 21H1 OS build:19043.1081

Currently i house R7 200 series
Radeon Software Version- 21.5.2

Please help me out, I’ve lots of pending work to finish this weekend and I does not have any other spare PC.


Try clicking Tools > Options > View and unticking Use Skia for all rendering

No doesn’t help problem persists.
I am currently checking if my windows files are damaged.

EDIT: All system files and Graphic drivers are okay sadly.

I thought Skia was most likely culprit, assuming graphics drivers were up-to-date.

Does it happen in LibreOffice Safe Mode (Help > Restart in safe mode)? If it is OK then your user profile might be corrupted.

Backup your profile by using the manual procedure so that you can restore your data folders such as Templates, AutoCorrect, Wordbook, etc.

Maybe try unticking anti-aliasing in Tools > Options > View, it is a long shot.

Maybe look at some of the tips on this gamers site, How to fix AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Balck Screen Issues

Hello guys thank you for all the tips nothing works sadly,
I think there must be some problem with my old HD7770.Strangely device manager shows everything is working fine. DirecctX and Vulkan based games were also running fine.
So I thought lets see if the problem persists with integrated chipset. Surprisingly problem vanished with Intel integrated chip.
I wont have the time right now to troubleshoot the problem with my dedicated card so I will do some troubleshooting after my work is done.

Thanks Again.