blacklist (reject) fonts

There are many many posts in various places about the default behaviour of LO, especially with Writer showing every font in the OS, making the fonts menu a mess. Deleting some can help, but there can be dependencies issues. One can use ~./your_config_directory/fontconfig/font.conf to reject fonts for a user, but this can cause dependencies problems between applications for that user. See:
and other posts online.

Can I set up a similar xml file to blacklist (reject) fonts from LO (and where)? This would help so much; but then even better but not the first step maybe, managing fonts from within LO would be a nice interface to that file to achieve this.

If not, how can we get this onto a list for developers to address for LO updates?


  1. You cannot “blacklist” fonts for LibreOffice
  2. Read this Introduction - Feature Request and what it states about where Feature Requests should go to. This is the developers way to manage enhancements.

Hope this answers your question.

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If you consider the full font list a mess, this means you use it routinely to format your document(s), that is you direct format it. In practice, you only need 3-5 font faces in common documents.

The way to filter the list is to not use it at all through the design of a set of paragraph styles. You do that once for all and save them in a custom template becoming your default template. Thus you struggle with the font menu only during the design phase and use the style menu afterwards.

There should only remain exceptional cases where you select an unusual font, which should happen rarely now.

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