Blank Menus in LibreOffice 6 on Win2012 R2

Hello Community,

I have problem concerning LibreOffice and I haven’t found a solution yet. We are using LibreOffice on 7 Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Servers. Terminal Servers are virtual machines. Every user has its own account and there are no shared accounts. Very often the menus appear all white, the user can’t change anything in the documents etc. It happens on all Terminal Servers to many users.

Screenshot: libreoffice.png

I tried deactivating OpenGL, Hardware acceleration etc. It still does not work. I even deleted the user folder after changing the option, it is still not working.

Did anyone find a solution for this problem? I read, that this problem appears with LibreOffice 5.x but found nothing on LibreOffice 6.x? Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Solved the problem by installing the new Version Hope this helps others too.