Blinking push buttons in calc

I have a large spreadsheet in calc. To make it easier to go to a column to enter data, I created a series of push buttons in column 1 that, when pressed, goes to the column I need. This has worked great until the latest version: (x64). Now the push buttons blink and jitter. I can use one to go to a column but then I can’t edit anything and the fan on my laptop revs up. If I go to design mode I can edit the data but, obviously, the buttons don’t work. I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail. Even set up a simple version on a clean calc document and the same thing happened. Need help, out of ideas.

This is tdf#121963. Just update to 6.3.4.

Updating to 6.3.4 fixed it. Thanks!

Hi @twistedrobot, change the buttons for geometric figures or images, the problem is over.

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Updating to 6.3.4 fixes the problem. See above.