Block of paragraphs question

I’m trying to make a block of paragraphs to have similar layout:

code 1

code 2

code 3

Is it possible to do it with style? My custom myBlock will have for instance 0.2cm before and after the block (consisting of several paragraphs), indent of 0.3cm and background yellow. How can I achieve this?


define a new style MyBlock with following properties:

Next Style

Assure that Next Style in tab Organizer is MyBlock


Set background color in tab Area

Indents & Spacing

In tab Indents & Spacing

  • Set desired Indents
  • Set desired Spacing
  • Important Set option [x] Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style


Using en_US version of LibreOffice hence you see all indents and spacing in inches. Of course you need to adapt to your metric system.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much for your help, that’s what I’m looking for, never noticed that there’s an option for Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style.

@anon73440385, would you mind to share how you make the Writer background dark? I’m using MX Linux and changed the Tools > Options > Application background to black, Tools > Options > Personalization selected Preinstalled Theme to Dark, still got the white background? Maybe it’s a bug?

This is purely done by KDE Framework and KDE integration package of LibreOffice. My only adaption within LibreOffice is to use a dark icon style (Breeze dark). However: The whole thing is not perfect. E.g. Styles Manager doesn’t fully honor a dark theme of the Visual Class Library (KF5 in my case) and hence shows black color style name on a black color background (could be mitigated by using dark personalized them within Libreoffice). Generally (my personal opinion): Never found a dark theme on Linux I had been happy with and it is a pain (there are always frequently used applications, which show strange artifacts and sooner or later I prefer to switch back to some light theme).

**PS** Of course my document background is still white ...

@anon73440385, thanks so much for your reply, sorry to bother you again, I’ve noticed that if I use Area to change the text background color, the whole line got the same color, so I tried to change the character highlight instead of paragraph, but can’t make it work. Do you know if there’s a way to use char background so only the characters background has color and not the whole line.

Now you talk about “Highlighting” text and hence you need to set in tab Highlighting

@anon73440385, thanks so much again, always learning.