Blurry image inserted or copy/pasted

I got blurry image after copy-pasted from website to LibreOffice. Searched around no solution found thus this thread.
It make me no more fun to write in PC!:slight_smile:

But it seems a common issue at LibreOffice & MS.Office? Maybe relate to HiDPI screen? In macOS high Sierra , people reported blurry PDF in Preview too.

Hereby my test conditions:


  • macOS 10.13.2, LibreOffice,
  • macOS 10.13.2, MS.Office 2016
  • Windows 10 x64, MS.Office 2016


  • Screen_1: 2560 x 1440(native) but scaled to 1600x900
  • Screen_2: 1920 x 1080

also I notice the page scale ratio is not consistent, If only Screen_1, 85% as readable; but if extended to Screen_2, it must be 130%!

My trial methods are:

  • Copy a website image(which is a .png), and paste directly into LibreOffice, it is then blurry and not readable,
  • Also I tried to download that png and insert, same blurry results
  • Under context menu “compress”, I can play with ratio or dpi, but that still not satisfied, not a reliable solution
  • Convert png to eps and insert got sharp image, but size too big and mouse scroll very slow

Edit_1: Do you have the same issue? if not, please let me know your setting. thanks!

I think I may find the reason(not solution yet)!
jut now I did a test, set laptop only and with native resolution of 2560x1440 for macOS LibreOffice, copy same source image from website, paste into LibreOffice, voila! same sharp image as original. Also I save the file, then open with extended Screen_2, image remain clear!

So it seems LibreOffice use OS system info to scale/compress the image while pasting into LS.Writer! That means a algorithms of calculation of image size for example, most probably it has a global value/ratio and a local ratio, if 2 times calculated/resize, the image will be largely compromised thus blurry!

Now I have tried 3 word processing software in macOS 10.13.2, here the findings:
(LibreOffice = LO), MS.Office2016 = MO, Apple.Pages = AP)

  • For single screen (HiDPI 2560x1440 scaled to 1600x900), LO in A4 100% scale is exactly the size of A4 paper! But MO and AP both needs to scale to 183%!
  • If copy & paste an image:
    • LO get as clear as original if 100% scaled, but if zoomed up/down after then, it is blurry; Also if initial scale was not 100%, zoom will be blurry. But export to PDF no problem (at least if initial scale was 100% while C&P);
    • MO & AP get almost lossless zoom-ability! also PDF export is clear.

Above is only at single screen test.

I’m getting the same issue on Mac OSX 10.13.2 using LibreOffice

I downloaded a slideshow from Google Slides into an ODP format. All of the PNG files are blurry. I tried replacing them with the originals, but when I scale them down the quality depreciates significantly, leaving them pixelated.

@cedewey, the simple way is to set only one screen without scaling. Currently I use a 2K monitor with native resolution, I can drop any image and same sharp image.
The reason here is as written above, HiDPI and ,multi-screen support is not yet sufficient for word processing applications as well as from OS level. You can find a lot bug report for LO, also for MacOS.

I want to praise again LO for the 100% scaling which is exactly the A4 page size in the monitor. It meets the WYSIWUG principal, while MO and AP not in this case! Even worse is that if they scale up to real A4 size, and then drop a screen shot image into, the image will be immediately blurry, that will not happen to LO because it is 100%! so LO will keep image sharp!

I was having similar issue. I exported a png from a drawing program and imported into Writer. Resolution was definitely adequate. I inserted it and it was blurry. It also printed blurry. Search, found a thread on OOo talking about transparency. Opened image in GIMP, right clicked on the layer, remove alpha channel, export. Inserted new picture into Writer, looks good.

Dear friend, I have the same issue as you encounter when inserts directly a .png file to Calc (as the .png, in my case, generated from R chart). So I find a workaround that: open the .png file by Chrome browser (or any browser, I think) then right-click to copy that image and then paste to Calc sheet. So you will get a clear .png file without blurry in comparison by using insert image function.

I hope this will help.