Bodytext appears in TOC, Crashes on image insert, Spell checker errors etc

Hi all!

I’ve started to use LibreOffice and have discovered a number of issue in it.

Bodytext in TOC

When creating larger documents Bodytext starts to appear in the TOC and it seem to be rather random as not all body text appears in the TOC. When I check the differences between the paragraphs that appear in the TOC and those that don’t there seem to be no difference. I also use the Navigator a lot and the same problem is present there. If I change the unspecified “Outline Level” to “Body text” the Navigator changes from text to an obscure value: “158 }” Is this perhaps some type of low level XML error in the document structure?

Spell checker

The language tools seem to suffer from a number of issues as well. When I add different words to the dictionary all is fine. However when I restart LibO the all words are marked as misspelled once again. The funny thing is, the words appears in the dictionary. So if I chose to add one of the words again the misspelled marking disappears along with all other different words added earlier. Its like LibO is reminded and rechecks its dictionary.

When adding a word which is the last word in a sentence it also adds the trailing period. So when I type and use the word completion tool it suggests the word ending with a period in the middle of my sentence.

Image handling

I write a lot of documents involving images etc. and it is very common that LibO crashes somewhere in the handling of images. Either in the moment of the actual insert, when moving the image around along with its anchor or setting image properties. I use a dual environment (Windows/Linux) and this is a big problem in Linux (Debian Wheezy with Nvidia Nouveau driver (LibO causes the driver to crash)).


Hi @Circle,

Sounds like you may have found some bugs. Please file a separate bug for each unique problem and provide a list of steps that can reproduce the problem. The QA Team will be happy to help you track down each of these issues!

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.