Book can't be printed because "the pages are linked".

I used LibreOffice Version: (x64) to type a 96 page book and formatted the pages to be mirror image so they’d flow continuously from left to right with a wider margin where the inner fold of the signatures will be. I exported my .odt to a .pdf and sent the file to a printer. The printer told me my book pages had to be unlinked because as they are they conflict with the printer’s software program.

I don’t even know what this means. How do I unlink my book pages?

I’d very much appreciate a solution to this.


Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m sorry for the delay responding. I didn’t get any email regarding them, so thus the delay

I think I might have the solution to the problem (?) I’ve found there are websites which enable you to upload your .pdf file, and they’ll format the pages into the correct imposition for the printing process.
URL: Impose Online - Free Online Imposition Software If UPS can’t handle the resulting file, I’ll probably buy my own printer which can print 11 x 17 pages provided the resulting file has a page arrangement suitable to be printed on that size paper. If not, I might find another online site that can do so (hopefully). The cost of a printer is about the same for some of the professional printers I’ve seen online, and with my own printer I can resolve the issue of NO binding and no cover. I may also have more control of the process, and if I mess up, at least I’ll have myself to blame and not someone who probably will consider such a small print job a nuisance and not want to deal with it. Another idea is to ask what program UPS uses to print a .pdf file and if possible download it and use it myself to format my book pages.

ajlittoz, your partially right in that when I exported the .odt file, I needed to export it as "Hybrid PDF AND Tagged PDF, because when I added some more short stories to my book and exported the .odt file to only Hybrid pdf, when viewed in my PDF program, the pages were reversed so the first page was left hand instead of right, and the whole series of pages thereafter were also incorrectly reversed. It needed to be exported as Hybrid AND Tagged PDF.

BigRAll, actually it didn’t look OK. The exported .pdf had the left and right pages transposed so they were the opposite of what they’re supposed to be. I fixed this by exporting as "Hybrid PDF AND Tagged PDF (add document structure)

ve3oat, I’m using Foxit Phantom, but I may take your suggestion re: other .PDF programs.

Mike Kanganski, I’m using using Foxit Phantom, Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS, x64-based processor, AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 4.00 GB I don’t want to upload the .pdf file because the contents are very personal - to be kept private. I plan to hand bind the book and give it as a gift to soimeone close to me.

LibreTraining, I’m kind of embarrassed to say the printing company is the local UPS store. They’re cheap, and the only printer I communicated with who seems able to accommodate my need for only printed pages of my book with NO front or back cover, and NO stitching or binding. I’ll make the cover, end papers, and hand stitch with a fancy exposed tape binding. It’s going to be a gift.

Perhaps you need to discuss this with your printer.

I tried to do this, but the printer didn’t seem to have time to deal with the issue. I even sent her an illustration I made that explained how I’d like the pages printed on 11 x 17" paper, but couldn’t make it clear to her in spite of that.

I don’t thnk she had the technical knowledge to explain what she meant by unlinking the pages-only that her software couldn’t be made to print the book as it is.

Does the PDF look OK in your PDF viewer?

Does it look right in your PDF viewer’s print preview?

If you are using the Adobe PDF reader or even just your browser’s default reader, you might try a different program. There are several, all free. I have used Foxit PDF, SumatraPDF, Nitro PDF. They all work fine but in slightly different ways and one of them might solve your problem. See here for more ideas :

This sounds unfamiliar (and looks like most here agree with me). The best is to provide a sample PDF file, so that we could try and come with better suggestions. Of course, it’s good to also state which PDF software, OS and printer (driver) are used.

Could it be related to the Links tab of PDF Options dialog when exporting? See if any box is checked (by default they aren’t, but who knows?)

Now everyone is curious …
Who is the printing company?
What is the printer hardware which is having this issue?

With only 96 pages (48 sheets) you may just want to do it yourself.
You can simply print one side then flip them over (and reorder) and print the other side.
No need for an 11x17 printer.
Many printers already have a built-in duplex feature which does the reorder for you in printer memory.
Check your printer manual.
Test in small batches of say 10 pages to get it right.
Don’t try to do the whole thing at once as any misfeed will make a big mess.
I speak from experience ;- )

My printer will print on two sides if hand fed on the second side. The reason I’d like the pages printed on 11 x 17" paper is because they can be folded and stitched and bound by hand. I’ll have to use patience and caution to deal with anticipated problems. I’m basicaly an optimist, but from experience know that things are very likely to not go as smoothly as expected.

I sent the UPS store an email askin g what software they use to see if I be able to get it to coordinate better with them.

I don’t want to upload the .pdf file because the contents are very personal - to be kept private

Well - that’s normal. Still, asking for other’s help, you need to do your best to provide the necessary info to those others. You need to be smart and understand that others don’t need your sensitive info, but only something that has the same problem; so you need to replace all your words/images with some dummy text, or create a similar file (and test it doesn’t work)/

To tell you the truth, I feel overwhelmed by the whole issue, so doing that right now is daunting. I know I asked for help and should be willing then to put my best into the process. I may upload it or a facsimile. Another concern is the document includes names of people who might be annoyed about that, and then there are legal issues perhaps. The book will be one of a kind, and I never planned it for publishing and attempting to sell it to the public. See comment below please.

If I upload a facsimile duplicating the book format, I don’t know if anyone will know exactly what the problem with UPS is, though.