Book view layout problem

I currently use Open Office for laying out large print books for people with a visual impairment.

I’d like to use Libre Office but it currently has a problem with book (duplex) view. This view is needed in order to see two pages at once in order to lay out the images and text correctly.

However, despite searching through all of the options, I can’t:

  1. make it show the text borders as anything but the small corner ticks. I need the option for a proper, complete text border.
  2. show the spine between the two pages. This is essential in order to set out images which spread across two pages.

I suspect that this is a ‘styling’ choice on the part of the programmers - but it actually makes it next to useless for a lots of tasks.

Am I missing a ‘view’ setting somewhere?


Adrian Farnsworth.

Have you considered using Scribus?
It’s free and open source.


You have to check ViewText boundaries and ViewNon printing Characters to get full boundaries, not only cornermarks. See tdf#74386.

I do not understand: images which spread across two pages. Could you clarify?


Thanks, I’m aware of that feature, but you can’t work laying out a page with the non-printing characters showing all of the time. I need just the text boundaries, as in Open Office, Lotus Word Pro, MS Word.
Images across two pages - simply that, a single landscape image which covers two pages. We use them all of the time. For any one doing lay out on a two page spread, the spine needs to be visible, again, as in oo, Word Pro, Word, Corel, Illustrator and so on. Thanks anyway.