bookmark table of contents (TOC)

I cannot select the top of my TOC page to insert a bookmark.
The document I am creating will remain a Writer document - unlike other questions here there is no intention to create an e-book in some other format.
How do I bookmark this page (which should always have the same internal index regardless of how long the TOC becomes.
My intention is to include a hyperlink to this page in both the header and footer of every page of the document to assist on-screen navigation for my students in an environment where there is no internet connection.
Is what I am attempting achievable?

It seems that there is a specific section bookmark when a TOC is created. In my document this is labelled #Table of Contents1 - creating a hyperlink to this in the common page header does indeed allow navigation to the top of TOC.
As my TOC presently only has one page this may be the reason for the suffix 1 in the section bookmark. Presumably as the TOC grows additional section bookmarks may be created for subsequent TOC pages.