Bookmarks not exported as PDF bookmarks, only headings exported as PDF bookmarks

Is there any hope that the current state will change ?

run libreoffice writer - create new document

type “The five boxing wizards jump quickly”
select “wizards”
insert-bookmark-bookmark 1-insert

type “How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!”
select “zebras”
set paragraph style = Heading 1

“file-export - export as-export as pdf”
set “export bookmarks” checked
press button “export”
save to “test_bookmark.pdf”

open “test_bookmark.pdf” in “pdf viewer”, for example in firefox or something.
zoom it to 400%
click in “bookmark” zone to “How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!”

actual result:

  1. only one bookmark is created - “How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!”
  2. on click on “How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!” it jump to “How”

expected result:

  1. two bookmark is created
  2. on click “bookmark 1” it jump to “wizards”
  3. on click “bookmark 2” it jump to “zebras”

in my opinion, it is vague description of the function in libre. (or in a perverse interpretation of the term “bookmarks” by libra in “export as pdf”/“PDF Options” dialog)

PS. clean install windows 10 20h2 pro + clean install LibreOffice_6.4.7_Win_x64.

what actually it do:

This is a matter of different terminology I think. From Adobe Bookmarks are generated automatically during PDF creation from the table-of-contents entries of documents created by most desktop publishing programs.. So, to get “bookmarks” in pdfs I expect LO follows the PDF specs and uses Headings that would appear as TOC entries.

The bookmarks in Writer are targets for links elsewhere. Think footnotes, or cross-references to other parts. If you add a line to your Writer document, press Ctrl+F2. In the dialog that opens select the tab Cross-references, under Type select Bookmarks, under Selection choose Bookmark 1, under Insert reference to select Reference, press Insert Button and close dialog. You have created a link back to wizards. If you export the pdf that link is clickable.

Writer Guide on documentation page