Boolean queries in Writer

Is there a way to search something using boolean operator like OR, AND, etc.?


there are no boolean functions like OR, AND, etc…for text searches. The LibreOffice way is to use regular expressions - see

Hope that helps.

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New ICU’s Regular Expressions page.

Search key1 and key2 within each paragraph

Step a) CTRL + H3, search ^(.)*key1(.)*$
with “regular expression” flag activated

Step b) step a has selected all paragraph containing key1.

search (CTRL + H) ^(.)*key2(.)*$
activating both the “only in selection” and “regular expression” flags

Search key1 or key2 within each paragraph

Search (CTRL + H ) ^(.)*(key1|key2)(.)*$
with regular expression flag activated

Only paragraphs with key1 and key2 in the first case and key1 or key2 in the second will be selected.

With a macro, the search with the and connector can carry out the two steps in sequence (or the n steps for n keys connected with and)