Borderless printing from draw

My Epson ET-2750 definitely suppports borderless printing. Non LibreOffice applications can do it succesfully.

I am using Draw version 7.6.2 on Ubuntu 21.10. In the system printer settings dialog I have set the paper type to A4 borderless. In Draw I have set the page margins to zero. However the printed output is being clipped. I have tried numerous combinations of things like the “Use only paper size from printer preferences in the system printer properties dialog”, following suggestions from blog posts etc. But nothing works. Even exporting to pdf and printing from other programs still shows exactly the same clipping.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?

Version probably

Not tried to physically print but exported PDF shows everything without clipping. I use CUPS for printer connection. Is your printer directly accessed with an Epson driver?

I will try the PDF export again. I tried so many things that I might have messed it up.

Yes using cups driverless printing, not via an Epson driver.