Borders disapears in calc

Hey. just updated from LO 4.0.2 to 4.2.1.
At first everything was fine, but today I started editing and saving my changes in calc documents (saved as *.xls) and when I open them again, all the cell borders are gone. All of my tables have disapeared, instead there is just text.

Has anyone else faced this issue?

Even when I restore all the borders, after saving the document and re-opening it, they all disapear.

With *.ods this isue does not accour. But I need to use *.xls aswell :frowning:

I tried in LO, borders didn’t disappear in my xls, after saving in xls and ods. May be problem is with specific document’s content only?

I have LO, English (GB)
And no, just tried to make a new document, with a table and some random text, saved in .xls, closed the programm and re-opened the file and the same - no borders…
Currious, but there are some .xls documents that are not affected - borders do not dissapear.

Ok, I found something, it appears to be a bug: