Bottom Border Not Working in Writer

This is happening in a Word document (.docx). I added a couple of new lines and tried to put a bottom border on the first line because it’s a heading of sorts. The bottom border will only display if it is not 0.5pt. It will display at 0.5pt if I turn on one of the other borders, or change the color or line style. But if it is a normal solid line, black, with 0.5pt, then it disappears entirely for no reason, even though the bottom border is still enabled. This is in paragraph style settings.

If I pick a random line elsewhere in the document and attempt the same thing, it works fine. So I reset the paragraph style of the line in question to the default style and tried again, but it still does the same nonsense. Anyone have any ideas what is going on here?

This is happening in Libre Office v6.4.6.2 (x64).

Ok, in case this helps anyone else, turning off the “Merge with Next Paragraph” checkbox fixed it.

I hadn’t tried this earlier because the other heading lines all have that box enabled. So this fix makes no sense to me, but it worked for some reason?

If this setting fixed the issue, it means you don’t use the style machinery as it should be. It seems you manually apply all formatting variations. All your paragraphs are basically Default Style (at least at the beginning of the file).

The Merge with Next Paragraph is intended to keep only an outer border around a group of similarly styled paragraphs without inner intermediate borders. Here, “styled” means the same style name has been applied to the group. You may have additional formatting manually applied to the members of the group.

Well I opened the document again, and it has turned that box back on by itself, and doing the same stuff as before. Turning the option off again makes the line reappear as before. So I highlighted the whole document and unchecked that box for everything, and it showed that the couple lines under the one in question had the same style, so I removed it, which seems to have fixed it.

After saving and reloading, it is still working properly now.

Beware that you’re saving your document as .docx and not in native .odt format. This means you have a conversion when opening the file and another conversion when saving. You might meet compatibility issues.

That is very true. Thank you.