Boustrophedic script / scrittura bustrofedica

Is there a way to write a text with boustrophedon style (right-to-left, than left-to-right and so on)?
Esiste un modo per scrivere un testo in stile bustrofedico (da destra a sinistra, poi viceversa e così via…)?

It is not possible to set a single paragraph in the manner required by the ancient Boustrophedon (alternating directionality on a per-line basis). Instead it is necessary to set an ancient script like this on a line-by-line (i.e., one line per paragraph / style). Enable the Complex Text Language (CTL) option for Right-to-left (RTL) text support. Help page here. This will allow individual, alternating lines to be set RTL (with intervening lines set LTR) on a per style basis.

Boustrophedon text not only changes direction (1st row RTL, 2nd LTR, 3rd RTL and so on), but has inverted (mirrored) letters when the line changes. Don’t know if I managed to explain…

Sorry. I have improved my answer for greater clarity. It is a work-around more than a solution for an ancient script that is difficult to typeset.

I don’t think there is presently a way to to it inside a text flow.

If you only want to set a few lines into a βουστροφηδόν you may use a workaround: Create the lines one by one in Draw, convert every line into a graphic format (no pixels, wmf e.g.), flip every second line horizontally, arrange and group the results as needed … and you will get something similar to this example from the German Wikipedia.